The News

So, here’s the news:

I got a job!!! My informational interviewing and freelancing and soul searching have paid off! I will be Northwest Health Foundation‘s part-time Communications Coordinator, starting May 5th, 2014. My responsibilities will mainly include managing NWHF’s social media outreach: Twitter, Facebook, etc. The goal is to use NWHF’s communications to help the nonprofits it partners with reach a larger audience. NWHF gives grants to and partners with nonprofits that further their mission of making health accessible to everyone, regardless of background. So excited to start!!!

I’ve also been working to make my job at Pension Consulting Alliance into a job that I want. Several people have told me that I should do that, and I am finally seeing things their way. I have identified areas that PCA needs help with–their website, their presentations–and I have offered to work on those areas with them. I’m hoping to eventually turn my position into something along the lines of Marketing Manager. But we will see. I will keep you updated. Meanwhile, I continue to do the best work that I can on the assignments that I am given and maintain a positive attitude.

And, just to add another thing on top of it all, I am expanding my freelance work. I’m doing not only graphic design, but social media as well.


Next goal: Save up enough money to buy a new computer so Adobe Creative Cloud will stop overloading my sad, old computer.


Moral: What they say is true. Talk to people. Make connections. Volunteer to gain experience. And insist on doing what you love. For a while there, I was seriously scared that I would not find a job in a field that I am passionate about, but it is all starting to come together.

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