Everything I Admire About My Little Sister

My little sister keeps joking that I should write a blog about how wonderful she is. Well, in honor of National Siblings Day, here you go, Katherine. (Shout out to my older brother, Daniel, as well! I love you both!)


Everything I Admire About My Little Sister:


She is Persistent 

As a child, this was the trait that drove me insane. If I had friends over to play, Katherine would insist on being wherever we were. She didn’t necessarily want to play with us. She just wanted to be in the same location. No amount of screaming, pleading, or threats had any effect. Now, Katherine’s persistence works in bigger and better ways. She loves to prove people wrong. When her first-year advisor refused to sign off on her overloaded schedule at the beginning of freshman year, Katherine found someone else who would. She proceeded to earn a G.P.A. close to 4.0 during her first quarter. She continues to double-major in Biochemistry and Music, while participating in the Air Force ROTC program, despite the logistical difficulty of managing her schedule.


She Says What She Thinks

Katherine believes that people should speak their minds. In short, she is blunt. This is something that I particularly admire, as I generally am the exact opposite. I convey my opinions very diplomatically, in a more roundabout fashion. Katherine says what she thinks. It does not matter whom she is talking to, or whether the subject of the conversation is politics, health, education, or cheese. Or whether our mom would prefer that she closed her mouth.


She is Paying Her Own Way Through College

My brother and I were lucky enough to attend college while my family could still afford to help us pay for our education. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Katherine has not been so lucky. This means that Katherine has had to cover rent, tuition, groceries, utilities, etc. since she started at Central Washington. I am forever impressed by her ability to do this. She has even managed to purchase a car and travel.


She is Courageous

“Courage is not the absence of fear but rather the judgment that something is more important than fear.” – Meg Cabot

Every time I try to compliment Katherine for being brave enough to introduce herself to new people on a regular basis, she argues that she is not brave. She says that she almost always feels anxious in unfamiliar situations. However, that does not stop her from walking up to strangers and introducing herself. On multiple occasions, she visited me at college and wandered off on her own to introduce herself to professors and students in the Music department. She recognizes that the potential benefits of knowing people outweigh the fear of rejection.


She Dreams Big

Despite the fact that it is one of the most competitive jobs in the Air Force, Katherine has set the goal of becoming a flight surgeon. This job would require her to complete intensive medical training, as well as pilot training. She has already begun looking for flight surgeons to talk to, and perhaps job shadow, in order to set herself up for taking on this role.

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